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project new offices for the team of the flemish government architect in collaboration with the artist richard venlet location brussels (B) site boudewijnbuilding status completed 2008 built area 360m2 client flemish government


project youth centre location antwerp (B) site tweemontstraat status invited competition date 2007 built area 870m2 client AG vespa


project house location wezemaal (B) site woods status design date 2007 built area 300m2 client private


project extension to the offices for leiedal location kortrijk (B) site kennedypark status invited competition date 2006 built area 1.200m2 client intercommunale leiedal


project outdoor installation 'speelhoven 2006' aarschot (B) site woods status temporary installation date 2006 client speelhoven vzw


project house location averbode (B) site allotment status design date 2006 built area 180m2 client private


project café and bookshop WIELS center for contemporary art location brussels (B) site van volxemlaan status invited competition 2nd laureate date 2006 built area 800m2 client WIELS vzw


project 'une petite maison' location holsbeek (B) site hill status completed 2010 date 2006 built area 160m2 client private


project café 'de Warande' location turnhout (B) site new extension to 'de Warande' cultural centre status completed 2007 built area 400m2 client province of antwerp


project monovolume house location rijmenam (B) site allotment status design date 2005 built area 350m2 client private


project 3 houses location antwerp (B) site lavendelstraat status invited competition date 2005 built area 570m2 client AG Vespa


project media and design academy KHLim location genk (B) site former C-mine winterslag status invited competition date 2004 built area 7.200m2 client KHLim


project 83 apartments location oostende (B) site churchillkaai status design date 2003 built area 10.800m2 client betonimmo eurostation masterplan west 8


project 'de gavers' landscape infrastructure for recreation location harelbeke (B) site watersports area status invited competition date 2003 built area 2.750m2 client province of west-flanders


project kindergarten and primary school 'de regenboog' location grimbergen (B) site brusselsesteenweg status invited competition date 2003 built area 1.850m2 client gemeenschapsonderwijs


project ECOV technical school location aalst (B) site ECOV campus status invited competition date 2003 built area 4.200m2 client VTI aalst


project shed for 'de scheepvaart nv' location schoten (B) site albertcanal status invited competition date 2002 built area 1.900m2 client flemish government


project upgrade of a house location putte (B) site open landscape status completion 2007 date 2002 built area 100m2 client private


project 3 dwelling units and daytime workshops for 21 mentally disabled persons location aarschot (B) site herseltsesteenweg status in progress date 2002 built area 1.550m2 client huize eigen haard vzw


project house location heverlee (B) site early 20th century villa estate status design date 2001 built area 290m2 client private


project franke nv offices location ninove (B) site industrial area / office building by A. en J. Polak 1968 status completed 2001 date 2000 built area 380m2 client franke nv


project administrative service building for water control of the dijlevalley location leuven (B) site gasthuisberg status invited competition date 2000 built area 420m2 client flemish government


project offices and studios for production company woestijnvis location zaventem (B) site horizonpark status completed 2000 date 2000 built area 1.600m2 client woestijnvis nv


project one-room extension to a house location aarschot (B) site park area status completed 2003 date 1999 built area 57m2 client private


project house location ranst (B) site allotment status completed 2001 date 1999 built area 210m2 client private


project MAS museum location antwerp (B) site hanzestedenplaats status open competition date 1999 built area 12.000m2 client city of antwerp


project house location beerzel (B) site allotment status completed 2002 date 1999 built area 305m2 client private


project house with studio location leefdaal (B) site edge of a small village status completed 2005 (demolished 2010) date 1999 built area 410m2 client private 'sun and moon' curtains by inside outside / petra blaisse


project extension to 'de Warande' cultural centre location turnhout (B) site warandeplein status completed 2007 built area 6.800m2 client province of antwerp


project administration offices province of flemish brabant leuven (B) site station area status invited competition 2nd phase in collaboration with xaveer de geyter and stephane beel date 1998 built area 28.300m2 client province of flemish brabant


project OCMW administration offices location holsbeek (B) site parking lot status design date 1998 built area 700m2 client OCMW holsbeek


project masterplan for access to the gallo-roman site location tongeren (B) status invited competition date 1998 built area 320m2 client city of tongeren


project local authority office location st-katelijne-waver (B) site edge of a village status open competition 2nd laureate date 1998 built area 4.500m2 client village of st-katelijne-waver


project university campus UIA antwerp (B) site kipdorp status invited competition in collaboration with xaveer de geyter date 1997 built area 16.000m2 client UIA antwerp


project offices for kömmerling benelux asse (B) site industrial area status completed 1997 built area 400m2 client kömmerling nv


project museum vleeshuis antwerp (B) site south area status masterplan in collaboration with xaveer de geyter date 1997 built area 4.500m2 client city of antwerp


project biënnale 'il tempo e la moda' location firenze (I) site stazione leopolda status completed date 1996 built area 30m2 client ann demeulemeester / bvba 32


project renovation of a 1930's country house location kalmthout (B) site heathland status completed 1996 date 1995 built area 160m2 client private


project farmer's house location muizen (B) site agricultural area status completed 1995 date 1993 built area 210m2 client private


project 35 houses borneo-sporenburg amsterdam (NL) status invited competition in collaboration with stephane beel masterplan west 8 date 1994 built area 5.000m2 client new deal amsterdam 


project 250 houses chassé breda (NL) status invited competition in collaboration with stephane beel date 1994 built area 28.000m2 client johan matser projectontwikkeling bv hilversum


project artist studios and guesthouses reckheim (B) status project in collaboration with stephane beel and artist jef geys date 1994 built area 3.500 m2 client private


project house rotselaar (B) in collaboration with stephane beel status completed 1994 date 1992 built area 200m2 client private


project house brasschaat (B) in collaboration with stephane beel and yves brunier status completed 1992 date 1989 built area 550m2 client private